Doula is a Greek word for "woman servant," or "handmaid."

Our profession is as ancient as birth and mothering.

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Birth Doulas

Doulas have experience in supporting individuals and families in a wide variety of settings and circumstances. We provide continuous, non-judgmental support throughout pregnancy, labor and childbirth.

Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum Doulas serve new families in the weeks following the birth of their babies. In earlier times, this support came from the entire village, as well as from other family members. Today, nurturing support and assistance for the new family during this critical time is often provided by professional postpartum doulas. We offer information, encouragement, and reassurance to parents during the exciting but sometimes overwhelming transition into parenting a newborn.

This website is a directory to help individuals and couples easily find birth professionals and resources in and around the Charlotte area. To search for local birth and/or postpartum doulas, visit the Doulas section. You can find contact information for doulas here and helpful information about each doula's practice and philosophy.

With this directory, you can find doulas, birth photographers, placenta encapsulation specialists, childbirth classes, lactation consultants and much more! Please use the search function or visit the additional tabs to locate a provider for your specific needs. Each provider is independent.