Before becoming a doula, what was the most interesting job you had? I worked in banking and in a call center. But my most interesting "job" has been being a mother.

What made you want to become a doula? I became a doula because I wanted women to know they have a choice and a voice in their medical care.

How do you balance your career as a doula with family? Balancing my career as a doula and family has been easier than I thought. I have a sitter who is available for births. I usually do consultations/prenatals during "after" hours when my husband can be there for our kids while I am away.

How has birth work helped you in your personal life? Birth work has helped me realize that, I can speak up for myself. It's easier to speak up for someone who is being mistreated, but it was harder for me. Also, as it pertains to my health and the health of my family, I research a lot and I know what questions to ask. I also, will not let a doctor outside my presence until I understand. 

Dekeita is a DONA Certified Doula.  She offers Antepartum and Labor Support and Breastfeeding Basics. She works as a doula at CMC Pineville, CMC Main, Novant Hospitals, Natural Beginnings, Baby & Co. and home births attended by midwives. 

Phone: 704-340-6174




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